If you are looking for information about Jubilee and are not already a resident, the best place for answers is in the “About Us” drop down menu. It includes maps, the community magazine, general community information and so much more. The remaining sections of the website are for residents only and are password protected. For questions on the resident side of the website you can send an email to jcawebmaster@gmail.com.

~ Jubilee Lodge, 8487 Bainbridge Lp NE, Lacey, WA  360-923-1584 ~
Important Announcements:
Giving Drive Nov. 12-18th Help families in need this holiday season! Donate non-perishable Thanksgiving Day food items to the Thurston County food bank or diapers (any size) to the Kinship Family Support Program.  Please bring all donations to the Lodge- thank you!




**UPDATE on JCA Mailbox Break-Ins**  New mailbox clusters have been ordered for the ones that were recently damaged. The anticipated installation of the new units will be during the last week of the month due to the Thanksgiving holiday.  Emails to individual residents impacted by these incidents will be sent once installation dates are confirmed and new mailbox keys are provided to the Lodge. 


JCA Mailbox Break-Ins

We’d like to make you aware that multiple mailbox clusters have been reported vandalized and broken into throughout Thurston County, Lacey, and within the Jubilee Community.  Between Monday the 6th and Tuesday the 7th, a total of 6 mailbox clusters were targeted in the Jubilee Community.  The Lacey police department has been notified of the following mailbox cluster break-ins:

  • 4812 Spokane St
  • 4920 Cypress Dr
  • 4933 Bend Dr
  • 8215, 8239 & 8305 Vashon Dr (3 total)


We have been notified by the USPS that they WILL NOT be delivering mail to these locations. All mail for these six clusters are being held at the Lacey Post Office located at 5815 Lacey Blvd SE. We are currently working on repairs and/or replacements of the mailbox clusters for these areas.  Please look for future email updates.


In an effort to help curb the mail theft trend, the City of Lacey Police and Jubilee encourage you to do the following:

  1. Check your mail every day.
  2. Keep your front house lights on overnight.
  3. Make sure you have not lost any of your mail keys.
  4. Inspect your mail slot and the entire mailbox as a whole for evidence of tampering.
    • Please report vandalism and/or tampering to JCA Management at 360-923-1584
  5. Remain vigilant. Be aware of any suspicious people and vehicles in your neighborhood.
  6. Report suspicious people/vehicles to the police:
    • 911 for emergencies
    • (360) 704-2740 for non-emergency reporting

Thank you,

JCA Management