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~ Jubilee Lodge, 8487 Bainbridge Lp NE, Lacey, WA  360-923-1584 ~
Important Announcements:

7:50am Water Aerobics is CANCELED next week - October 16 - 20   

9:30am Water Strength is CANCELED next week - October 16 - 20   

The pool will be open during normal Lodge hours



October 17th (Tues) @ 6:30PM in the St. Helens Room – JCA 2020 Strategic Plan Presentation: The Board of Directors and Strategic Planning Committee will be presenting the JCA 2020 Strategic Plan to the membership. The Board approved plan is available on the JCA Website under ‘Board Documents’.


October 18th (Wed) @ 10:00AM in the Rainier Room – Board Work Session: The Board will be reviewing the 2018 Draft Budget


October 18th (Wed) @ 7:00PM-8:30PM in the St Helens Room – JCA & HPCA Board of Director Candidate Forum(NOTICE OF DATE CHANGE: previously scheduled for October 25th ) Board of Director candidates to be introduced to the community. Residents will be able to submit questions for the candidates the night of the forum or in advance by email to: office@thejubileelodge.com. Questions can be on subjects of interest or concern and can be for a specific candidate or all of the candidates.


October 25th (Wed) @ 10:00AM in the Rainier Room – Board Business Meeting


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