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Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for Jubilee residents. The "About Us" section of our website is viewable by the general public. The Community Magazine is located in the "About Us" section. The remaining sections are designed for Jubilee residents only and therefore requires a user logon and password.
Forgot your Password? -
If you are a current Jubilee resident but have forgotten your website logon information, click the "Login" button on the upper left of this page. Type in your personal email address in the Username box or your website username, then click the "Forgot Password" button located just below.  Your login name and password will be emailed to you.  If you continue to have problems,  please send an email to JCAWEBMASTER@gmail.com. Please provide your full name and house address.
New Resident? -
If you are a new Jubilee resident, please contact the Lodge staff to provide your resident information. Lodge staff then coordinate with the Jubilee webmaster to have a user login account created.
Please feel free to contact the webmaster with your comments and suggestions at JCAWEBMASTER@gmail.com.
Advertising pays for both the Jubilee Community Magazine and the Website. It also contributes to the general fund.
Before you buy, please check our listing of advertisers on the "Advertisers" webpage.
Click "About Us", then click "Advertisers."
Thank you.