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1-bedroom condo   (New Ad)
Posted On: 02/20/2018
1-bedroom condo (sleeps 4), Sand Pebbles Resort, Solana Beach, CA

20-27 October 2018. Solana Beach is in San Diego County.
Larry or Martha Pickett 360-819-3533
For Sale
Colman Powermate 4200 - $150
Posted On: 02/02/2018
4200 watts, 8 hp, 5250 surge
Outputs, 220VAC 30A, 120VAC, 15A

Only used once, like new.
James Larson, 360-438-2733 or
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Pine Hutch - $250 OBO
Posted On: 01/29/2018
7’4” tall, 37 ½” wide, 18 ½ deep. Early American 20th c with Shaker touches (knobs, some pegs in construction). All one piece but not very heavy. Holds a surprising amount of stuff. Perfect in high-ceiling rooms.
Lisa Di Giovanna
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Refrigerator Filter - $20
Posted On: 11/12/2017
GE “Profile” Smartwater refrigerator filter. Switched refrigerators and now have a new extra “Profile” water filters stock number GSWF available. Asking price is $20 each. Original price is $48 not including tax.

Ted Kirchhoff 360-456-2757 E-mail:
HP 951xl ink cartridges. - Free   (New Ad)
Posted On: 02/17/2018
Free HP 951xl ink cartridges. am parting with 4 HP cartridges. 3 color and one black. If interested call Ted Kirchhoff at 360-456-2757 or e-mail at

Moving Boxes - Free
Posted On: 12/14/2017
Moving Boxes Used once - collapsed in good clean condition - assorted sizes - Free

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How to place a Classified Ad
Posted On: 10/20/2011
Only Jubilee residents can request items be listed in this Classifieds section; however, the page can be viewed by the general public. There is no charge for non-business classifieds. Residents advertising for business purposes will be charged a fee.

Residents may list items they would like to obtain in the section for "Wanted Items."

To place an ad, send an email message to the webmaster at

Please include the following and limit your ad to 70 words:
* your name and contact information;
* description of the item for sale;
* asking price.

You may attach one picture that is sent in JPG or JPEG format (standard digital camera format). Pictures cannot exceed 2MB in size.

The ad will appear for approximately 1-1/2 months, unless the resident requests a specific extension.

Burned Out Address Sign Bulbs? - Free Replacement
Posted On: 01/21/2011
Is your address sign lit? If your bulbs are burned out, call us and we'll give you 2 new bulbs and put them in for free.

In the past 7 years, we have installed over 500 address sign bulbs in 250 Jubilee homes.

A lit address sign is good for emergency vehicles, visitors, and -- of course -- the pizza delivery man!
Contact: Roland and Jeannie Jonason in Cypress Cove at 360-459-4558